Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving in For the Kill - Fiction - Or is it?

  You need to re-think everything that has just happened.  Take your time, roll it over in your mind awhile.  Re-evaluate all situations.  Go back - Take a second look at the ones who made him go bananas.  They found out what buttons to push and that's what they are doing.  I know because I watched it happen to my friend, as you are doing now, except you haven't figured it out yet.  Remember the strategies in the movie we talked about.  They are in the process of ruining all relationships with the target.  Remember they have all the target's contact's to get to the related parties.  They react like a new President when he takes office.  They move their own in to take control and move out any on the apposing team.  That's the first step.  Get the target alone.  Easier to control and take over.  You may be next on their agenda once they have their group in position.  This has been happening for years.  This has been happening to my friend for years.  They move in on all her jobs, push her buttons, make her look as incapable as he does right now.  That's why my friend cannot keep a job.  This same group makes her appear incapable of all things she tries.  So that eventually she follows them to the other side......and eventually......becomes one of them.....out of the continuous brain washing by them of her incapability's, unless, unless....... she follows, unless she becomes........ yes....... a "sheeple".   They are very smooth.  It's yes sir, no sir, of course I can do that.........someone any body would trust.  That's how they get into all your personal secrets in order to know how to push buttons.
    Yes he said an unforgivable thing, but they have him at his breaking point...........she is probably one of them...not by choice but because she's an addict.  Addicts are easier to control or confuse.  That's why he's so confused about who he really is ............... and who she really is, because she makes him feel that way.  I can see it all so clearly.  As if I'm floating above.......... watching.  Like you see in the movies of someone being rolled into an operating room.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day of The Living Zombie?

     I recently watched the newest re-make of Robin Hood and after all the Robin Hood movies I have seen all through my life I finally get what it's really about.  It's not about an adventure in the woods with a thief.  It's about the poor stealing back what the ruler's stole to become rich and powerful.  It's about giving it back to the poor.  With certain things happening around me or with me, I have been thinking a lot about a talk radio host's phrase "sheeple" because I'm seeing it a lot more now.  Probably not that there is more of it, probably because as time goes on it's easier to spot.  Actually I'm sure there are more now, and they're everywhere.  If you can't figure out what "sheeple" means, you should watch the old movie "Night of the Living Dead".  The one I saw was made in 1968.  Really grotesque!  I didn't know there was one made in 1932 and I don't think I ever saw that one, not that I want to.  Then a re-make was filmed in 1990 but not interested in seeing that either.  After all I'm watching it daily in life now........ in a manor of speaking.  Difference being the zombies are still alive..................................and kicking.